Sumner Restaurants

Sumner has a many restaurants and cafés. Here (in no particular order) is a selection of Sumner food outlets. Most shops are in the main shopping area.

Name Our Comments Options Hours Phone
Indian Sumner Great Indian food. A personal favourite for take out, also very popular to eat inside this tiny restaurant, or outside on a hot evening. Restaurant Take-Away Bar Mon-Sun 5pm – 10:30pm 11A Wakefield Ave03 326 4447
Clink Another favourite for superb food and wine. Why travel into town when such good food and service are here, and you can walk home along the beach?? Best to book. The happening place at the weekends, which often start early on a Thursday. Restaurant Cafe Bar Mon-Thurs 5pm – lateFri-Sun 11am – late 29 Wakefield Ave03 326 5353
Le Xom Fantastic Asian Fusion food. Vietnamese Restaurant Bar Tue-Sat 5pm – late 6 Wakefield Ave03 326 7878
Coffee Culture This café is the place to be seen and to see – great people-watching spot. Freshly roasted coffee daily. Cafe Take-Away Mon-Fri 7am – 6pmSat-Sun 7:30am – 6pm 28 Marriner Street03 326 5900
Underground Great food and coffee, sunny outdoor seating. And lots of room inside too! Terry, the owner, bakes fresh cafe food every day.  Yummm!! Cafe Take-Away Bar Mon-Wed 7:30am – 4pm
Thu-Fri 7:30pm – 6pm
Sat-Sun 8:30am – 6pm
25 Marriner St03 326 7111
The Cornershop Bistro Great dining, also good for a casual snack or light meal. Restaurant Cafe Bar Wed-Fri 5:30pm – lateSat-Sun 10am – late 32 Nayland St (east corner of Nayland St and Wakefield Ave)03 326 6720
Ocean Café & Bar
(formerly Scarborough Fare)
By the clock tower at the Scarborough end of the beach. This café has great views of the surf – choose between eating inside or al fresco with the seagulls and sun. Cafe Take-Away Bar Mon-Sun 8am – 5pm 147 Esplanade


03 326 7923

Red Snapper Fish&Chips Pick up some excellent fish and chips and head down to the beach to watch the sunset. Take-Away Mon-Sun 12pm – 8pm(often a bit later on Fridays) On east corner of Nayland St and Wakefield Ave.03 326 5726
K Bakery Take-away food. Small seating area. Take-Away Restaurant Mon-Sun 7am-5:45pm 6a Wakefield Ave03 326 7701
Salt Bar Cafe “Come in for great coffee and a snack, all-day dining or a glass of wine” Restaurant Cafe Bar Tue-Fri 8:30am – 11pmSat-Sun 8am – 11pm 26 Marriner St03 326 4774
Dot Com Consistently good food and coffee – tucked away just off the main street Cafe Restaurant Take-Away Bar Sun-Tue 7am – 5:30pmWed-Sat 7am-9:30pm 42 Marriner St03 326 4000
Headless Mexican Good Mexican food Cafe Restaurant Bar Sun-Mon 5:30pm – late Sumner Village Mall (West End)03-326 6899
On the Rocks Cafe & Bar Very cheap Matson beers.Pizzas are $16 – 20.  Icecream-based desserts $6-$9. Bar Restaurant To be confirmed. 1 Wakefield Ave03-326 6371
Thirsty Marriner Friendly pub with filling grub Bar Restaurant Mon–Fri 11:30am – 11pm
Sat 11am – 11pm
Sun 11am – 10pm
11 Marriner St03 326 6202
Burgerstop Burgers galore! Great fish and chips too. Take-Away Restaurant Tue-Sun 12pm – 9pm 36 Nayland St03 326 3238
Sushi Hana Lovely fresh sushi! Take-Away  Restaurant Mon-Sat 10am – 4pm 38 Nayland St03 326 3266


Restaurant = Restaurant Bar = Bar /Licensed Off-Licence = Off-Licence Cafe = Café Take-Away = Take-Away Delivery = Delivery


For more shops, see the Sumner Community Directory.